onsdag 15 juni 2005

copy-paste phrase book

Jag lade upp en liten svensk parlör i min engelska blog, men den är rolig så jag lade den här också:

Since I have two blogs in two different languages I have actually been asked to teach my English speaking readers some Swedish. This is no easy task, but in preparation for the visit from Canada (I’m still working on a blog entry about that. It’s too huge in my head to fit in a blog!) I’ve bought a Swedish – English phrase book. But I have to warn you; This book has been more beneficial to me than it ever will be to anyone with English as their first language! I’ve been laughing myself silly over here, and whoever I show it to also end up on the floor holding their stomach from laughing fits worthy an Eddie Izzard DVD. Those pronunciation hints, or whatever you might call them, are just too funny! They teach you a very bad American accent, I tell ya’! So I’m guessing my Swedish readers will enjoy this entry as much as the rest of you. This list are direct quotes from my book, but if you want more there is one online. I’ve enclosed the link here.
Anyway, here we go:
Swedish for beginners (with heavy American accent):

English = Swedish pronunciation
hello = hej hay
good morning = godmorgon goo morron
good night = godnatt goo nut
excuse me = ursäkta mig eurshekta may
sorry = förlåt furlawt
Sweden = Sverige svairr-yeh
1 2 3 = en två tre en tvaw treh
4 5 6 = fyra fem sex fewra fem sex
7 8 9 = sju åtta nio sheu otta neeoo
10 = tio teeoo

And now some phrases:

- I don’t speak Swedish
- Jag talar inte svenska (yaag taalar inteh svenska)

- I don’t understand
- Jag förstår inte (yaag furstawr inteh)

- I can’t eat this
- Jag kan inte äta det här (yaag kun in the airta det hair)

- My name is...
- Jag heter… (yaag hehter)

- What do you do? (also: What are you doing?)
- Vad sysslar du med? (vaad sewslar deu mehd)

- Can I buy you lunch?
- Får jag bjuda på lunch? (fawr yaag byeuda paw leunsh)

- Thank you. I’d love too.
- Tack, det vill jag gärna. (tuck det vil yaag yairna)

- I’d love some company
- Jag skulle vilja ha lite sällskap (yaag skeulleh vilya haa leeteh selskaap)

- Can you repeat that please?
- Kan ni upprepa det tack? (kun nee eupp-rehpa det tuck)

- Congratulations!
- Varma gratulationer! (varma grateu-lashooner) or Grattis! (grat-ees)

And my personal favorite:
Refridgerator = kylskåp chewl-skawp

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